My Work at Destatis

My Work at Destatis

My work at Destatis, the Federal Statistical Office of Germany, in Berlin revolves around international and European statistical data and communicating them. This means I research relevant data, create suitable static or dynamic visualizations, and write accompanying articles. 


  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe After Effects
  • Adobe XD
  • D3.js
In the past couple months I’ve worked on several pieces on the Destatis website and for social media. However, sometimes I also work on more internal pieces that relate to communicating data and visual design in general. The content I create also varies in type: from static charts and simple GIFs to more advanced motion graphics and eventually also interactive visualizations using D3.js. Obviously, there is some work that I can’t share here.
In February 2021, when the second wave of the COVID19 pandemic hit Germany, people started discussing whether there should be an obligation for companies to allow their employees to work remotely. This as well as a newly published report by the OECD led me to create an animated visualization that shows the potential for remote work across the OECD member states and it sparked some discussion on Twitter.

Unfortunately, the tweet is only in German but the accompanying article, also written by me, is available in English and German. It also includes the animated version of the visualization.

The first article I’ve worked on was based on the amazing 2020 Atlas of Sustainable Development Goals. I looked for relevant data that I could visualize within one single image and created a stacked bar chart that shows the learning poverty of children in low and middle income countries.

The accompanying article is again available in English and German.