My Work at Destatis

My work at Destatis, the Federal Statistical Office of Germany, in Berlin revolves around international and European statistical data and communicating them. This means I research relevant data, create suitable static or dynamic visualizations, and write accompanying articles.

Teaser: PARVIS

Augmented Reality for InfoVis on Large Interactive Displays

PARVIS (Personal Augmented Reality for Information Visualization on Large Interactive Displays) combines large interactive displays and personal head-mounted Augmented Reality (AR) for information visualization to support data exploration and analysis.

Selections In Mobile Cross-Device Interfaces

In my Master’s thesis “Exploring Selection Management and Brushing and Linking for Mobile Cross-Device Interaction”, I developed a concept and prototype for combining multiple mobile devices to explore information visualizations. I focused on how to create, manage, and interact with these selections in mobile multi-device environments.

Flexible Trees

Flexible Trees allow for creating tree visualizations to fit a desired shape by using sketch-based interaction. It offers a simple way of generating tree layouts for infographic purposes by adding a meaningful shape to a tree visualization.

A Comic: Building Up!

“Building Up” is a little one page comic that I created during a university class about comics. I’ll explain its unconventional origin story and why I decided to include it here.

Three examples of how the necklaces could look like depending on the different languages.

Languages As Data Jewellery

Data jewellery is often used to physically represent personal data, in our case: the languages a person speaks. It’s decorative and abstract and can function as an ice breaker and a form of self-expression.

Someone is moving the axes of the star plot

Star Plots On Interactive Displays

The goal of this project was to develop a set of multi-touch interaction techniques for star plot visualizations and ideally to incorporate additional data into a single star plot.

Non-Verbal Gestures For Humanoid Robots

The goal of my Bachelor’s thesis was to establish a more variable communication with humanoid robots. Thus, I developed a method of dynamically expressing emotions and intentions associated with non-verbal gestures.

Transparent And Foldable Displays

Through using mobile Augmented Reality, this transparent and foldable device supports travellers and tourists in their everyday tasks. It helps with to learning about a place on the go, become familiar with it, and even getting to know the language.